Recovery Devon

Here is a link to the Recovery Devon website. One of the orgaqnisations in the south west in the foreground of pushing forward the recovery and peer led approach to health and well-being. If you decide to click on the link, you will find information on: Talking Therapies Training Talking about addressing the problem of… Read more »

Root Cause Analysis investigation workshop

Every day a million people are treated safely and successfully in the NHS. 
However, when incidents do happen, it is important that lessons are learned to prevent the same incident occurring elsewhere. Root Cause Analysis investigation is a well-recognised way of
doing this. Investigations identify how and why patient safety incidents happen. Read more »

Time to Change

Extreme OCD Camp – here Jack – from this summer’s documentary on OCD –blogs about his personal experiences of living with OCD and his thoughts on the new season of Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.  Go here

Better services called for for adult survivors of sexual abuse

 Unity  and Hope  have  launched  a  petition  calling  for better services  for   adult   survivors  of  child  sexual  abuse. Unity   &   Hope  is  leading  an  independent   project   (completely   volunteer   led  and  nonprofiting)  on  improving  services  for   adult   survivors  and  ethnic   minorit y   survivors  of child sexual abuse  (CSA)  this  includes: incest , rape, sexual  assault  or  … Read more »

A different perspective on Employment Support Allowance

Pat’s  Petition  and  CarerWatch  have  been  looking  at   Employment   Suppor t   Allowanc e(E S A )   for   a  long  time  and  have  published  a  stat ement   which  out lines  theirconclusions.Pat’s  Petition  and  CarerWatch  think   the  groups  don’ t   reflec t   t he  spectrum  ofdisabled  people  and  therefore  the  Work   Capability   Assessment   (WCA )   is  shoehorning … Read more »

Mental Health Alliance South WestWhat is, or who are the Mental Health Alliance South West?

Here is a short PowerPoint presentation explaining who, or what we are, what our aims are, and how we work: Mental Health Alliance presentation For those without PowerPoint, a free viewer to see the presentation can be downloaded here for Microsoft Windows version, or here, for those of you running Android.

Sharing Knowledge, Strengthening Connections

This autumn there are two free events in Liverpool and Bristol – bringing together people with lived experience of mental health problems to share their experience, knowledge and opinions.   Come along to meet others and talk about how you can influence local decisions, change attitudes and find out about the new NHS structures and… Read more »