National KUF Personality Disorder Training


What is KUF personality disorder training?

It is a national personality disorder training package that has been commissioned by the Dept of Health and NOMS which has been delivered to over 25,000 people across the UK to date.
Who is KUF for?
It is for anybody who works with people who have personality disorder difficulties. The course has been attended by mental health staff, prison officers, police, housing workers, etc. 

It is also for service users with lived experience of personality disorder difficulties who would like to go on to become KUF trainers.
Please see the student information sheet for more details.
How can I do KUF training in the South West?
Please sign up to KUF training either as an individual or as an organisation. Please return the expressions of interest by Friday 22nd November.
I would like to become a trainer. How do I do that?
Everyone who becomes a KUF trainer needs to have done the KUF training first to gain an understanding of what KUF is about. We currently have approximately 50 KUF trainers in the SW,staff and service user trainers.
Details are going out shortly about interviews for 15 ‘train the trainer’ places that are going to be advertised in the near future. All people chosen will need to do a 3 day ‘train the trainers’ course for KUF, starting probably at the end of January 2014. Please let Iola know if you would like to know more.
Best wishes,
Iola davies
KUF South West Manager for Emergence
Mobile 07977624291