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The Mental Health Alliance South West includes stakeholders from all areas of the South West including service users and carers, local authorities, Social Services, Commissioners, mental health NHS trusts, mental health practitioners and those representing Black and minority ethnic groups.

Key contacts

Please address all enquiries to

Joint co-chair
Iola Davies, person with lived experience from Bristol, and Dr. Adrian James, Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Devon Partnership NHS Trust,

Steering group
Our steering group aims to build on networks which have developed over many years in order to consolidate and strengthen lines of communication.

If you have an enquiry about the website or have information that you would like to appear on the website then please send it to

Mailing list
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TheĀ Mental Health Alliance South West website is sponsored by theĀ Strategic Clinical Networks (SCN) for Mental Health, Dementia and Neurological Conditions South West.

  • Dr. Adrian James
    Clinical Director and Mental Health Network Chairperson
    Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Devon Partnership NHS Trust
  • Kate Schneider
    Deputy Associate Director
    Strategic Clinical Networks and Clinical Senates, South West
    Programme Lead, SCN for Mental Health, Dementia, Neurological Conditions

5 thoughts on “Contact us

    1. Rob Gough Post author

      Hi Mary

      Thanks for your question. If you go to the front page of our website, three paragraphs down, there is a heading – ‘Membership of the Alliance is open to all…. click on the link – ‘join our mailing list’. This will take you to a form which requests the usual information for such things. Provide at least your E-mail address, and any other details that you wish, then click the subscribe button at the bottom of the form. Job done.

      I hope this helps

      Kind regards


  1. Nicki Sweeney

    Hi Rob
    How do Cornwall service users & carers contact you about issues in their area? Is it through the “Leave A Reply” or have you got your own contact details where people can reach you direct?
    Nicki S

    1. Rob Gough Post author

      Hi again Nicki

      I forgot to say that they can also do it directly through this website, I have set up the E-mail to try to provide more flexibility.



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