Local MP backs Time to Change campaign

Local MP Tessa Munt joined Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and the Care Minister Norman Lamb on World Mental Health Day last week to support Mind, the leading mental health charity’s ‘Time to Change’ campaign.

Tessa said

“The ‘Time to Change’ campaign is all about tackling the stigma that surrounds mental health. One in four people will suffer with their mental health at some point in their lifetime and it is hugely important for people to feel they can go and get help and not fear being judged by their friends, family, colleagues or doctor. Too many people suffer in silence, World Mental Health Day is about saying it’s ok to talk about mental health, it’s about breaking those discriminatory barriers down.”

Each year the campaign adopts a particular focus and this time the emphasis was on looking after the wellbeing of staff in the workplace. Tessa signed the pledge which is about talking to staff about mental health and wellbeing, ensuring staff support services are flagged and visible, the promotion of a healthy work/life balance, ensuring equal opportunities and using the ‘Time to Change’ campaign resources to communicate anti-stigma messages.

Tessa said,

“So much can be done in the work place and I will always do all I can with my small team for their wellbeing. I hope that raising awareness here can encourage other employers to follow this lead.”

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